The archetype of stone is tightly connected to the concepts of attachment to the ground and with an innate tendency to fall. Stones are the embodiment of heavyness and staticity. This is why for us it is so unconceivable imagining a stone which stands elegantly and weightless on a really small, sometimes unperceivable surface. Almost like a feather about to be blown away by the wind, the water or even by the vibration of our voices. A glimpse of order in a world of chaos, the triumph of Equilibrium against entropy, a way to find your inner balance, this is what stone balancing is.

Paolo Beuzer


How everything started ...

The first time I saw a stone balanced many years ago, I felt a mix of astonishment and disbelief, which very quickly evolved into pure amazement.


What I was seeing was unbelievable. Beautiful and unbelievable. Those naive kid eyes were perceiving something magic and powerful. I tried to recreate it myself, and after much patience and persistence, it truly worked; stones were standing all by themselves seemingly defying the laws of gravity and physics! I felt it would be heart-filling to transmit to others the same feelings and emotions that I felt and I began taking photos of the stones I balanced throughout my travels. When I moved to the United States I met Celeste, who was as excited as me about stone balancing and convinced me to collect my pictures into this website. Since then she has given me endless support and energy to continue my work, assuming an active  role in the creative process.

Even today when I step back to look at a balanced stone, my kid eyes still see something unbelievable and beautiful, my emotions are unchanged, even though I know there is no magic involved. Or maybe there is… I hope you will enjoy it!




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