Safety and Respect of the Environment

There are two elements I consider very important and I believe everyone should think about before balancing stones on their own.

The first is safety. Stones can be heavy and cause damage. Kids (and even adults) are often so fascinated by these compositions that they want to touch them to see what the trick is. Well, there is no trick, and as soon as you touch them, they fall. The stones could also fall without being touched because of the wind or some other environmental factors. Their trajectory is often unpredictable and spectators may not be prepared for this to happen while lost in contemplation of the composition.  Also, stones should not be balanced on elevated rocks in order to avoid any possibility for the stone to fall on people underneath. When I balance stones I pay extra attention to others’ safety and I take stones down when I leave.

The second is respect for the environment. Most passersby are fascinated by the compositions, but when balanced stones are located in certain settings such as viewpoints, natural parks, beautiful scenery, etc., some might prefer to enjoy the unaltered view without the presence of unnaturally balanced stones. Therefore, anytime I balance stones, I put them back where I found them after taking pictures, leaving no trace behind when I leave.