I grew up in a very small town, San Pietro al Natisone, with a population of 650 in the north east of Italy caressed by the DSC_1093 (4) - Copybbeautiful Natisone river. There aren’t many organized activities or things to do, but there is plenty of great people and marvelous nature, a perfect setting for taking the first steps into the magical world of stone balancing. It was one of the hot, short summers of my adolescence that I came upon a mysterious guy who was balancing stones by the river. I was absolutely amazed and since that day, I began recreating his magic, attempting to and successfully balancing stones in unique positions.

During high school I decided to leave this beautiful scenery to see and explore the world. I lived in Maryland, USA for one year during my senior year of high school. I decided to study science because I am fascinated by the natural world around me. IMG_9033bI graduated in biotechnology in Parma, earned my Master’s degree in Nano-biotechnology in Trieste where I had the chance to explore the marvels of both physics and biology.

I moved to Germany working in a biochemistry lab in the University of Mainz and then to Paris where I got my PhD in Cellular Biology at the Institut Curie, studying cancer and DNA replication.

I finally moved back to the US, this time on the west coast. I am residing in San Diego since 2013, where I met Celeste, and I am currently a postdoctoral fellow researcher at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, a modern masterpiece of architecture built by Louis Kahn and Jonas Salk.